Symbolic Agreement Meaning

In a way, what the symbolic language of discourse does is to specify a system model that describes it. And like any model, it captures some functions and idealizes others. But the importance of this is that it provides a solid basis for making calculations, drawing conclusions and taking action. There are many things you can do if you have a general symbolic representation for the speech. But one of them – which is the subject of this contribution – is to express things like legal contracts. The beginning of a contract with its various clauses, recitals, definitions, etc. tends to be dense with declarative statements („that`s so“). Second, the actual terms of the contract tend to end with compelling statements („this should happen“), perhaps based on certain things determined by testimony („Did that happen?“). Because it is a dialogue between the members of a society, the symbolic treaty requires that society hear what the poet has to say, and vice versa, that the poet listen to society, not only what this society says, but also, as it says, so that the society can then enter the currents of that language and shape it so that it reveals something important about us as a people and our own history. Let us hope that the poem allows us to be clearer in the words we use and in the way we put these words together sentence by sentence. „It is only when I have made a reply to it/ that my sins will be forgiven and my illness will be cured.“ William Carlos writes to Paterson. „I have to find my sense and put it, white, / next to the slippery water: myself… Williams knew that language would give us in return to use it intelligently, a look at the truths about ourselves.

The symbolic theory of convergence refers to the theory of attributions, because it deals with the human tendency to make sense of signs and objects in order to understand them. [9] The process of symbolic convergence resembles empathetic communication. [9] What about „You should eat a banana“? Well, we have to go through the same voice design process for something like „eat“ as for Plus (or „Banana“).

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