Vendor Managed Inventory Agreement Practical Law

„… we have created global supply chains that, with all their efficiency, are very resilient. The temptation is to view global local sourcing as a simple binary choice to reduce risk and build resilience in supply chains. The reality is more complex, because your decision to move to a local supplier only makes sense if their supply chain is reprofiled in the same way. These include the supply chain that maps another person`s supply chain. Another way of thinking about supply chain risk might be the relative complexity of this chain, focusing on „complex to simple“ where possible. This is, of course, the complexity of existing supply chains in general, including as goods. Economist magazine recently reported coffee and noted that 29 companies in 18 different jurisdictions generally had to work together to make „a modest cut.“ Now that we are going from what I call the „COVID 19 crisis“ to „the COVID 19 era,“ here are ten things that I think the COVID 19 crisis has taught us that when we enter the COVID 19 era and that supply chains for construction and infrastructure are construction and infrastructure supply chains: complex. Some have proven resilient, others have not. Construction advocates tend to focus on construction markets, but construction and infrastructure supply chains are well below the main levels and subcontracting levels we are experiencing. The problems and challenges that arise further down the supply chains are the emergence of much of the time and cost pressure that leads to demands under the contracts on which we advise. The COVID 19 crisis was of course the ultimate storm that hit the work, logistics, distributors and distributors simultaneously and globally.

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